Our Partners

La Lum'ere Hubs

  • La Lum’ere deploys physical Hubs around Nigeria.
  • The Hubs are strategic platforms/assets that are sweated to enhance the revenues of La Lum’ere and her customers.
  • The Hubs operate a sharing economy designed to aggregate and efficiently allocate resources.
  • La Lum’ere is engaged in strategic agreements to co-locate complementary brands, products and services in its Hubs.
  • Each Location is essentially a hub of business activities and resources.

About La Lum'ere

La Lum’ere is a revenue growth last mile fulfilment company that provides strategic business solutions to its clients, including: marketing plan design, customer acquisition, sales optimization, sales training, sales performance measurement and sales compensation.



Real Estate

Co-Location and Managed

Worked Spaces


Customer Service

CRM, Managed Work Spaces and

Feedback Management


Technology Insight

Data Mining & Analytics, Real Time

Sales Feed and New Walk Ins


Value Services

AD Digital Screens, ATMS, Lock-up Boxes and Utility (Power, Water and Security).